Using WordPress For Affiliate Marketing Websites

If you’re new to the astounding world of affiliate marketing, then an affiliate marketing website is simply a website that advertises relevant services and products to visitors in return for a commission. A passive monthly income based on commission may sound daunting. However, the scalable potential of affiliate marketing is exactly what makes it such a lucrative prospect. This article will educate you on how to make money from your affiliate marketing websites.

affiliate marketing websites

The best affiliate marketing websites are created using a website builder program such as WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms for creating an attractive website that is fully-customizable. It is also one of the most popular, with millions of users worldwide. If you don’t have a domain yet, you can easily purchase one from a hosting company at affordable rates. Once you’ve got a domain and hosting account, then all you need to do is install WordPress on it.

It’s easy to create your own WordPress theme, so once you’ve done this, you’re ready to start creating affiliate marketing websites! There are many affiliate marketing websites out there, and you need to be picky about the one that you go with. This is because many affiliate marketing websites these days offer affiliate programs where you can make money each time someone clicks on the affiliate links. For example, if you choose to create a blog about dog training, then the owner of the website could earn commissions whenever you promote his products to your readers. Here are some tips to help you make money from your affiliate marketing websites:

To start making money from your affiliate marketing websites, you need to find a relevant niche for which to build your site. Don’t pick something unrelated to your niche! The more closely related to your website content is to your target market’s needs and wants, the more likely they will want to click on the affiliate links on your site. You can easily search the internet for popular keywords and phrases for particular niches and then incorporate them into your articles, blog posts and emails to customers. If you are advertising on a product related to your niche, but not necessarily the brand name itself, customers will be more likely to buy via your affiliate link – provided you provide quality content!

You should also consider whether you would like to include video content on your site. Video content is by far the most popular online traffic source – so if you have the opportunity to make money from your affiliate marketing website by adding video content, go for it! But bear in mind that affiliate marketing videos are among the highest-concentrated forms of traffic online, so if you don’t have a lot of time to create them or don’t have the technical skills or interest to get good quality videos made, look at other forms of media that generate huge amounts of traffic, such as article marketing or e-books. These are all excellent sources of targeted traffic, but you will need to make sure your affiliate link is active when you place an article or blog post featuring your affiliate link on the web.

Another very popular and highly effective way to make money from an affiliate website and drive targeted traffic to it is through social media marketing. There are literally hundreds of social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, so you would be well advised to start a blog or Facebook page targeting your niche and promote it on the social media giants. You can also try setting up a fan page or profile on Squidoo or hubpages. By taking advantage of this highly effective way of generating targeted traffic, you could easily double your income from just a few hours of your time and probably even quickly earn enough to pay for hosting fees or to purchase more affiliate marketing websites!

A third, lesser-known but extremely effective way of making money from affiliate marketing websites is to use WordPress. WordPress is an extremely popular blogging platform that you can install on your own website or blog for free. If you already have a website then it might be worth adding a WordPress theme, but even if you’re just starting out with no HTML or PHP knowledge, using WordPress would be a great start for anybody just starting out in affiliate marketing.

WordPress allows you to add lots of neat widgets, such as Google Analytics and AdSense, which makes tracking clicks, leads and sales easier. You can also easily customize your theme using themes such as myotonic, default, vintage, or contemporary. If you’re using WordPress to build your affiliate marketing website, then you can be assured that every post you make will be indexed by search engines, as well as being featured in the news section of major news sites such as The New York Times, CNN and others. WordPress allows you to easily add affiliate links to your posts, which will drive more readers to your affiliate program’s links. You can also track the success of your keyword-optimized articles by creating reports on Google Analytics.