How To Make Money With Amazon – Step By Step Guide To Start Making Money Online

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How To Make Money With Amazon – Step By Step Guide To Start Making Money Online

What is affiliate marketing on Amazon? Amazon provides a special marketing scheme, known as the Amazon Associates Program, which when you send users to the Amazon retail sites, through a special link, you get to make a commission off purchases made. The Commission ranges from 5% to 75% depending on the efforts you make to sell products and the number of referrals you make. There are also other features associated with this program such as special offers and vouchers on certain products and member forums. As an affiliate you need to be efficient in selling products using your special links and make sure you know how to drive large volumes of traffic to your Amazon websites, so that you can make the commission.

Some of the techniques are quite simple to implement. For example: to start with affiliate marketing on Amazon, create a cookie window. When visitors click on the cookie window they will be directed to the Amazon website. Use the provided Amazon affiliate links to redirect them to complete the purchase. Each time they make a purchase you get a commission payment. You should keep track of the commissions earned through cookie windows.

The second technique is the social media technique. Through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you can build your network of friends and acquaintances. Once you have built up some friends, it is easy to promote your Amazon business through the social media. These networks provide the ideal platform for you to earn affiliate commissions apart from the regular commission. When you are able to bring in more traffic, your business will grow and you will be able to earn higher payout per sale.

Amazon also has an affiliate marketing program called ClickBank. You can sign up and choose the products you wish to promote. ClickBank is very transparent in their pay structure and you will be able to see your commission rates as well as the product payout rate. With ClickBank, you need not create your own website or sign up for any online registration. All you need to do is browse their site and find the products that meet your chosen niche and apply for an affiliate marketing program with Amazon.

ClickBank provides a wide variety of products with different prices. Most of these are based on the average price of the product, which is determined by the average selling price. This ensures that you have plenty of variety and hence will not get bored with selling the same product to clients who buy it at higher prices. Many affiliates make money through the ClickBank affiliates program.

Thirdly, you may want to consider joining the Amazon affiliate program. Their program is called Amazon Associates and it allows you to link up your website with their retail website. Whenever somebody clicks on one of the affiliate links you get paid. They will then be redirected to the product pages of the merchant. This means that every time somebody clicks on one of your affiliate links and buys a product, you get paid a portion of the purchase price.

In order to join the Amazon affiliate program you will need to find basic html editor like Microsoft Word. You will also need to find affiliate hosting which can be done either through free webhosting or by using third party web hosting service. Then you need to join Amazon’s affiliate marketing network. The easiest way to do this is to use third party blog software like Blogger or WordPress. These software will enable you to create attractive websites with text and graphics in a matter of minutes.

The last step is to create a basic website containing all your affiliate links and a couple of sales pages for your product. This is where you earn money by directing people to the Amazon website. When somebody clicks on any of your affiliate links, the amount you will get paid will depend on how many visitors visit your web page and also the amount of money you have bid on the referrer’s product. If you bid more than what the product costs then you win the referral link and earn an affiliate commission from the sale. But if you bid less than the cost of the product then you lose the sale. This is one way how to make money with Amazon.