How to Make Money on YouTube

Okay, ad revenue might be the most obvious method for how to make money on YouTube, but that’s not necessarily the only method or even the best method. (Spoiler: the best method to make money online is all of the other ways as well). The fact is that there are many different ways to make a living on YouTube, but some of the more popular methods are earning revenue through Pay Per Click and Pay Per View. These two methods are pretty easy to master and can really help drive traffic to your videos.

how to make money on youtube

With Pay Per Click you get paid whenever someone clicks on your advertisement. Every time someone does this, you get paid. So if you create an ad campaign and keep on getting clicks, in turn, you’ll be paid for each click. This is one of the easiest ways to get paid from YouTube – and the most effective, because many view your videos through this method.

On top of Pay Per Click, there are other ways to get paid by YouTube, which means that you can make money while creating your own channel. Chances are that your video has a niche, or at least a targeted audience. You can find them by searching on Google or similar search engine and identifying what your niche is and talking about in your videos. Then, you can promote your channel on other social media channels and websites to increase its exposure, and ultimately, its revenue.

Video marketing through WordPress and other blog platforms is another way how to make money on YouTube by increasing the exposure of your channel. WordPress offers a plug-in called All in One SEO Pack that includes sitemaps, meta tags, keyword research, and sitemap generators. With these plug-ins you can easily increase the page ranking of any video and make it more visible to search engines. Video marketing through WordPress is also a great way to have the power of live chats on your channel.

Many websites and online businesses who have a good video marketing strategy realize that they need to monetize their YouTube channels. You can do this with an ad space or through an in-game currency such as Google cash. AdSense accounts can be signed up for free with Google and then upgraded to premium ad spots using a credit card. An in-game currency can be used to purchase ad space, and if you become a super chatty youtuber partner, you can use your premium spots to place high-quality ads on your channels. Both methods allow you to generate revenue from the advertising on your website.

Many websites that host how-to videos have developed their own merchandise line to sell through their channels. This is a popular method for how to make money on YouTube, and there are several vendors to choose from such as Stumptuous, ZaaZoom! and So Keys. There are even companies who will create a custom “keyboard” for you, that you can place on your channel and promote their merchandise by adding text to your videos.

Your in-game currency can also be used to buy ad space or even promote other people’s videos. Text ads can be placed by visiting MySpaceTV, Vimeo, iFrame, Flixster and a variety of other social network sites. Text advertisements are great because they reach a worldwide audience, which means your how-to videos are reaching more people than if you had chosen to place them on your own website. When you place text advertisements on your channel, you must ensure that you provide appropriate and engaging text descriptions for your videos so that you will gain viewers and entice viewers to click on your ads.

Making money from YouTube can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you have the opportunity to create a how to show that is engaging and captivating, you will be able to generate revenue from your subscribers and fans. It does not matter if your audience is simply adults or teens, as long as the content is well-thought-out, creative, and informative your how to make money on YouTube endeavor will pay off. In order to generate revenue from your how to make money on YouTube videos, you should make sure that your videos are search engine optimized (SEO) friendly. Search engines love to see unique and creative videos that provide useful information for visitors to help increase your chances of ranking higher.