How to Make Amazon Commission Income

affiliate marketing at amazon

With so many affiliate marketing programs out there and not enough time in the day, you may wonder if you can really make it work for you. It’s a valid concern. After all, it can be frustrating working in the affiliate marketing business on occasion when you don’t get paid what you think you are due. So what’s a person to do?

Well, affiliate marketing at Amazon is one solution. You see, this giant online retailer allows its affiliates the freedom to promote their products for as long as they want without being under the strict supervision of Amazon itself. As a member, you will get an Amazon affiliate ID which you can use to promote the products of your choice. You can also use the ID to earn commission for every sale of those products.

So, how does affiliate marketing at Amazon work? For starters, you will get an email from Amazon informing you that one of your friends has used the affiliate link that you have provided. From that point forward, Amazon will send you messages about new products along with promotional codes to encourage more sales. At any time, you can click on those affiliate links to take advantage of the sale.

When I signed up, I immediately focused on my goals and objectives. First, I wanted to generate website traffic to my own site. In order to achieve this, I decided to learn some SEO (search engine optimization) techniques so that I could rank higher in the search results. That way, when people searched for what I had to offer, they would see my page first. That would give me a higher chance of making a sale.

So how did I go about this? On my computer, I used a free website promotion tool called Webroot. After putting in a couple of hours of research, I was able to get all of the websites that I needed to get started up and running. Not only did I get affiliate products to sell, but I also set up a mini-site so that I could test all of the marketing methods.

Over the course of the next few months, I continued to do the testing and tweaking. I made changes to my webpages and ads. I increased the number of keywords in my ad copy and in my landing page. And I continued to do this until I had a web site that was making steady profits. Now that I had the basics down, it was time to take my new found knowledge and put it to work.

Every day, I go into Amazon and look at the top selling items. The ones that sell the best are always the top sellers. Since I already knew which products were selling well, it was time to put that knowledge to work for me. Every day, I go into Amazon and check the stats for that day’s top seller. From there, I can decide what my strategy will be for that particular day and try to implement that strategy to get more sales.

If you are new to affiliate marketing at Amazon, I encourage you to take action immediately. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Start off by learning something new. See if it helps your sales. If it does, then take it further.