How to Earn Extra Commission From Amazon Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing on Amazon is a good method to earn additional income and add significant extra cash in your pocket. Before discussing how you could earn money via Amazon affiliate marketing, a brief background is required on the manner in which this method of earning money actually works. Amazon is one of the biggest online book selling websites that enables customers to purchase books online and sellers to sell their products on the website. It’s an excellent method of earning quick and easy money. The method has been set up by Amazon, which allows its customers and sellers to benefit from the massive sales of books and other products on Amazon.

Now let us move ahead to how it is possible to make money through Amazon Associates. The most simple method of making money is to sign up for the Amazon associate program. There are many ways of doing so but the most popular among them is signing up for the free Amazon associates program. This is the basic method of making money with Amazon and it does not require any initial investment to the user. The only requirement to start making money through this affiliate marketing scheme is to get a valid Amazon account.

The second method of affiliate marketing with Amazon is to refer other people to the Amazon website. You can do this by making your own referral link. You can create your own link by copying and pasting the content from any web page and pasting it on your website. For instance, you may refer to the Amazon main page and promote products there by creating a single reference link. The referral fee is fixed and hence you pay out a commission based on the referral fee earned.

The third method that you can use to promote products on Amazon is to create affiliate links on your website. There is a cookie window provided by Amazon for each of its customers. These customer’s session are used by the system to generate affiliate links. You have to ensure that your customer’s session on your website is filled with relevant content. This generates good affiliate links. You have to be careful to not use any affiliate links which may result in getting the customer to click on an ad or a search engine result page.

Once you sign up for an Amazon associate account, you will see a number of categories on the left pane of the screen. Click on the relevant category and find the option ‘Create an affiliate account’. The fourth method of affiliate marketing with Amazon is to register as an affiliate member on the Amazon website itself. You will need to fill in your personal details. Once you complete the registration, you will be taken to the sign-up page.

The fifth and last method of earning revenue from affiliate marketing with Amazon is to sign up for Amazon’s social media marketing initiative. This is a free of charge service provided to associates who sign up with Amazon and promotes their products. Social media members can promote their Amazon products on their personal social media page which automatically generates affiliate links.

Affiliate programs such as Amazon offer associates a choice to earn a basic commission or an extra commission. They also give associates the option to earn a lifetime commission and a senior commission. Some affiliate programs also offer a free trial period during which time you do not have to start earning an affiliate marketing income immediately. Amazon also gives its associate members the option to sign up with a free trial offer. After the introductory period, you can choose to either continue with Amazon’s standard services or sign up for their paid service. Amazon offers several affiliate programs including the following:

A free trial makes it easy for new affiliates to assess the efficacy of affiliate marketing with Amazon. An extra commission means that you do not have to pay additional fees for enrolling. Lifetime commissions are best for merchants who want to maximize the potential of each individual click traffic generated from their site. Click traffic is referred to as “viral” since once it is embedded in the internet, it is very hard to remove it.