Best Affiliate Marketing Companies For Small Businesses

With more people having access to smart phones, tablets and other portable devices, the mobile industry is becoming a very strong partner in affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing may not be as popular on the desktop, with its emphasis on email and pay per click advertising, it is still flourishing on the mobile platform. Mobile app development is one of the latest trends in affiliate marketing companies, and it’s not a surprise to see such an industry to grow and prosper, since apps are something that everyone wants to have these days.

Affiliate programs allow online merchants to reward visitors who come into their websites via mobile content. This can be a very valuable form of advertisement, since many of these visitors are likely to purchase goods or services offered by the website owner at some point. The only thing required from affiliates is to provide relevant content to attract them to the affiliate marketing companies’ sites. This in turn will get them more commission checks every month.

Merchants have different ways to monetize this revenue stream. Some give rewards in the form of incentives, coupons or discounts in order to bring more affiliates to the site. Others require affiliates to perform a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter or buying a certain product or service. A third type of affiliate program allows affiliates to get paid through mobile payment platforms like PayPal, Google Checkout or LinkShare. Regardless of the type of payment used, however, all three models result in the same thing: giving affiliates control over their business model. That means they can decide whether to work with the company that provides the highest commissions, the one that pays the lowest commissions or some combination of the two.

One example of how affiliate marketing companies can use this model to benefit their affiliates is through the use of mobile apps. Companies like Zagat and Appiction give commissions of 20% to affiliates who market their products through their app. In fact, some affiliate programs even provide their members with bonuses in the form of free or discounted mobile games. These apps are designed to convert users into buyers so that the business does not have to spend money on marketing. Instead, the user base increases and the business can make money from more sales than it could before using the app.

Another way affiliate programs can make money is through its ability to give affiliates to help with their business. Affiliate marketing programs that offer free reports, eBooks or other information are prime examples of this type of help. By offering free information, the business has a higher chance of gaining new customers through word-of-mouth advertising. Likewise, affiliates help increase the size of the app’s user base through the content they distribute. For instance, a business may have a mobile app that sells fitness items; through its affiliate program, it can increase its user base significantly by having affiliates to help sell the app.

Similar to mobile offers, affiliate networks also allow businesses to gain exposure through a network of affiliates who offer similar products and services. With an affiliate network, a business can choose which affiliates to work with based on various factors including commission payout. Because affiliates get paid on a per referral basis, this type of mobile offers is a win-win situation for both the business and the affiliate.

The world of affiliate marketing is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to sell products on the Internet. In just a few short months, the mobile app market is becoming bigger than the physical retail market. In fact, according to forecasts, this market is expected to surpass e-books and digital books in terms of size in a very short period of time. Businesses need to make the right choices if they want to benefit from this fast-growing trend. If an affiliate program is not carefully planned, it can spell disaster for a company’s sales.

For small businesses in particular, it is essential that affiliate programs work out well for both parties. A good program should generate enough revenue to pay the affiliate partners a reasonable commission. At the same time, the business needs to ensure that its product line is competitive enough to keep buyers coming back to the site. For larger businesses, the benefits of affiliate marketing programs are even more pronounced because they do not have to spend significant amounts on advertising. Thus, these are some of the best affiliate marketing companies for small businesses that help the companies sell products and services over the Internet.