Basic Affiliate Marketing Ideas – How to Make Money Online Using Amazon

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Basic Affiliate Marketing Ideas – How to Make Money Online Using Amazon

According to AM Navigator, forty percent of online marketing professionals also quote affiliate marketing as their most preferred digital skill. Do you still want to make easy money with affiliate marketing? Perhaps you have not tried the best affiliate programs. However, there is a way to earn easy money from the best affiliate marketing Amazon offer. Yes, Amazon affiliate marketing that is called the Amazon Associates offer.

To earn huge amount of cash via the affiliate links on the Amazon website, one must work smarter and not harder. For example, if an affiliate earn per click then it means that the affiliate is earning a higher payout for each click. It means if an affiliate clicks from page x to page y and earns x amount of dollars; the higher payout will be awarded on that particular click. Same thing happens when one clicks from affiliate pages with high traffic that attract big volume of visitors.

Making money through affiliate marketing with Amazon is similar to any other means of making money. The only difference is the methods and tools you use to do it. If you know how to make money through other means of making money such as blogging and writing, then you can also do the same on Amazon. You can sell products with Amazon’s affiliate marketing program in the webpages where your clients usually buy or purchase the items you are selling.

One popular way to make easy money on Amazon is through its cookie-window method. This technique makes it easier for affiliate links to be clicked by people interested in the products that you are selling. You may think it is complicated but really, the method is quite simple. Amazon has special cookies called “omnia” and “aajax” that contain details about the origin of the visitor on the website.

When a user is browsing the net and he wants to find what he wants, he normally types in the exact keyword that he is looking for into the search box of the search engine. If a user comes across your affiliate link on the search engine result page (SERP), he will be surprised that you made him click through your affiliate links. Amazon uses this method to measure the number of visitors on their webpages who clicked through these affiliate links. If more visitors come across these links, it means more potential customers you will have. But of course, the measurement of success of your Amazon affiliate program on social media will depend on the actual number of visitors that come to your site through these social media websites.

Another way you can earn money through affiliate marketing with Amazon is through its pay-per-click (PPC) program that pays you for every click of your affiliate link from the customers who clicked through your affiliate link. You might wonder why pay-per-click (PPC) program is so popular. Well, one reason is that advertisers actually prefer paying affiliates through this pay-per-click program because they get paid faster. Amazon does not only pay you when a customer clicks your affiliate link but also when a potential customer made a purchase.

To ensure that you get lots of pay-per-click traffic, join a social media networking site that also has an affiliate program with Amazon like Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social media networking site that hosts hundreds of millions of people. In every three minutes, one person on Facebook will either like or share a business page that is hosted on Amazon. Therefore, if your business has an affiliate link on Facebook, you are pretty much assured that lots of potential customers will see your affiliate links.

Finally, as an affiliate marketer, you will want to promote your Amazon products using the help of blog software like Blogger, WordPress, or LiveJournal. You can create your own blog by using a free platform like Blogger or you can use a free platform like WordPress for the promotion of Amazon products. These blog software platforms are user friendly and allows you to easily create your own affiliate marketing blog within a matter of minutes.