Affiliate Marketing Websites – Why This Affiliate Marketing Example Works So Well

If you are new to the wonderful world of affiliate marketing, then an affiliate marketing website is a website which promotes relevant online products and services for visitors to accept and sign up for a monthly sales commission. For each referral that results in a sale, the affiliate marketer is then paid a fixed commission from the online business. These websites should be properly planned and designed with good keyword content and an attractive layout.

affiliate marketing websites

You can create your own affiliate marketing websites, or you can outsource this work. In either case, there are many things you need to keep in mind before you begin. Let’s look at some example added income reports to help you get started.

Let’s say you decided to create a niche website promoting in-depth information about the keyword phrase “affiliate marketing”. For example, you would research the keyword phrase to find relevant sites and blogs. You will then visit those sites and write articles based on the keyword phrase. At the end of the article, you would provide your website link as a resource for further information on your topic. This is the most basic outline of what you would do if you were using a free blog host like Bluehost, and had free affiliate marketing websites set up using the exact same affiliate marketing template (affiliate link added for reference purposes).

Let’s examine what would happen if you instead chose to use a premium affiliate marketing website. If you had a blog that was focusing on the keyword phrase “affiliate marketing”, and you chose to post an article based on that keyword phrase, and another article based on the phrase “how to make money from home”, and another article based on the phrase “affiliate marketing websites”. Obviously, there would be more posts than what we just discussed. What you probably noticed is that you would not be able to keep writing new posts since there would already be plenty to write about. This is because the traffic that you are generating at the top affiliate sites is not coming directly from the affiliates within those affiliate marketing websites.

Now let’s examine how this would affect you. Instead of getting visitors from those affiliate marketing websites, you would be getting visitors from the main niche topic of your blog or website. And what do you think the likelihood of conversion is when it comes to those visitors? It is going to be very high, right?

The reason for this phenomenon is called the Amazon Effect, named after the massive affiliate program known as Amazon. There are other huge affiliate programs, including PayDotCom, but they don’t have the Amazon Effect. Why? Because people looking for niche products are already looking for information in those niches.

If you take all of the people that are looking for information in your niche and ask them what they want to buy, the answer is probably something along the lines of: “How can I make extra money?” You can’t give them a bunch of affiliate programs to sell to them and hope that they will convert because they already have a list of buyers who are looking for high-quality information. This is not going to work. So the reason this affiliate marketing example works so well is because of the high-quality content that you provide on your website. People come to your website to learn about a specific topic, solve a problem, or purchase a product.

This example added value should earn you money in the long run. For example, if you had made five sales per month as an affiliate marketing professional, instead of selling five times per month you would have to sell thirty-six times per month! Not a very realistic expectation. But if you earn thirty-six dollars an article per month and write three articles per day, you could earn upwards of a hundred dollars per month with this example added to your arsenal.