Affiliate Marketing Websites – How to Turn My Survival Life Into a Cash Monster

If you’re new to the universe of affiliate marketing, basically an affiliate site is a website that promotes certain services and/or products to visitors on the condition that they will make a sale in return for a sales receipt. The marketer receives paid a fee by the affiliate company for each referral that results in a sale. Typically, many affiliate marketing programs are free to join and some may even provide a free trial period. But be aware that the success of any particular campaign, program or affiliate site depends on its own ability to generate traffic and drive up sales.

There are several types of affiliate marketing websites and programs that you can create to help you earn money. Some focus on pay per click, others on landing pages and still others focus on email marketing or viral marketing. All of these methods work, but the best ones will be most effective if they are combined into a comprehensive system. By combining them all you will be able to achieve what many refer to as “super affiliate marketing”. Here are some of the more important components of a comprehensive affiliate marketing website:

o A newsletter packed full of great information that you know whenever another juicy example of a great product comes along. You should send out a newsletter at least once a week to inform your prospects about the specials and special offers that you know are going to be happening. This will keep them interested in your blog. Include some testimonials from people who have actually made money with your affiliate marketing websites. When you have testimonials, it makes it much easier to convince people to join your list.

o Weekly Newsletters. You should send out a newsletter at least once a week to let your prospects know everything that is happening in your market. The best news is that you can automate it so that you can set aside one day each week for this purpose. For example, you can tell your list, “I am sending out a newsletter on Tuesday night. Make sure all of your emails are forwarded to your inbox.”

o Email Signature. Every week you should send an email signature with one or two links to your special offers. If you know whenever another juicy example of a great product comes along, you will be able to use this opportunity to send out an email to your list about it. For example, if you know the product has just come out in the $25 value range, you could say something like “learn how to trade the S&P 500 using FAP Turbo.” You want to make sure that you don’t miss any waves in the market by including these two links in your email signature every week.

o Weekly Ads. Now this works great for affiliate marketing, if you know the type of product that tends to do well on the second hand market. For example, maybe there is a podcast by the name of The Luke Lowery Show that has been gaining huge listeners each and every week. You can advertise this podcast throughout the fall and even into the beginning of December. This way when the second hand sales end, you will have a ready made list of buyers ready to jump right in and help you earn your extra income.

o Survival Life. If you do not have a website with you and are just starting out on your online business adventure, there is no better time than now to put one together. For example, you can use your blog to talk about your products and share testimonials from real people who have benefited from the products that you sell. Then you can promote them on social media sites to gain organic traffic for your site owner and affiliate products. For example, if you sell organic products, then you could post some excerpts from The Luke Lowery Show about this topic to build a case for why organic products are the way to go.

o Example added to my Survival Life. After putting together my list of subscribers and learning the tricks of the trade, I thought it might be time to give something back to my community. I create a free e-book that teaches people how to set up their own affiliate marketing website. Within two months my survival life changed drastically and I earned over 100,000 per month during the first year of my operation.