2 Ways to Generate More Affiliate Traffic and Click Traffic to Your Site

According to AM Navigator, forty-nine percent of affiliate marketing professionals cite affiliate marketing as their most desired digital talent. Do you believe that to succeed in online marketing, you need to be an expert in every digital niche? Certainly not, well maybe you have tried the wrong affiliate program. Actually there is a way to earn money from your affiliate marketing Amazon commission.

affiliate marketing amazon

Why am I saying all this? I am saying that affiliate marketing is a very powerful way to earn money on Amazon. But to truly take your affiliate business to the next level, you will have to master not only mastering the Amazon associate program but mastering the principles of social media as well. It seems that many affiliates are mired in the day to day tasks, answering emails and such but they do not focus enough on marketing.

If you can get more visitors on your site through the Amazon associate program, you will have an easier time selling products. Traffic is the fuel of any online business. If you can create a well-targeted list of buyers, you can send them to your affiliate links. But without any traffic, no one will see your affiliate links and hence no potential buyer. So if you cannot generate traffic on your sites, you will not be able to make money with the Amazon associate program.

One of the biggest complaints about affiliate programs is that they pay affiliates only when someone makes a purchase. So how do you generate more click traffic and earn more affiliate commissions? Well simple, build a blog or a website and start to share interesting information with your subscribers. By doing this, you will start building a relationship with your subscribers and as such they will be more likely to click on your affiliate links. So what do you need to do to earn a bigger payout from the affiliate programmes?

When it comes to affiliate marketing with Amazon, the only requirements you need to fulfill are the minimum requirements of the program itself. The basic criteria of being a good candidate for such an opportunity are quite simple. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have an interesting website or blog where you can regularly update it with content. The more often you post new content, the higher the chances that someone will come across it and might become a potential customer. If you can achieve a higher conversion rate on your blog or website, you will be able to earn more commission from Amazon.

The second thing you need to do is build a quality referral link profile. In the Amazon affiliate marketing agreement, you will be required to create a personal referral link. If you fail to do so, you are not allowed to earn any commission from Amazon. The way in which you can earn more money through the Amazon program is by building a quality referral link profile and making sure you promote the products that Amazon sell. One of the best ways to do this is to leave a comment on their forums whenever you find some relevant information. It would be a good idea to create a YouTube video as well, which you can submit to the video directory of YouTube, where people can watch your review and learn more about the affiliate programs that you are promoting.

If you are not very comfortable with affiliate marketing on Amazon, you can always use blog software like WordPress or Blogger. Using the blog software will also allow you to add affiliate links and customize your content. The only difference between using the blog software and using the website is that you will have to have basic html know-how on how to make use of your WordPress or Blogger blog. The reason why you are not provided with html know-how when using blog software is because it costs a lot to have a website professionally built. You will also need to know how to use the affiliate marketing tools on the blog software like the RSS feeds and the “Add URL” feature. Blogs tend to lack keyword usage, but if you are familiar with keywords, you can easily include them in your blog posting, since most of the affiliate tools offer keyword research in the “Help” menu.

Another way to generate more affiliate links and click traffic is by promoting and joining social media websites. Examples of social media sites that you can promote your affiliate program to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. In addition, you can easily drive more traffic to your affiliate site by including link-backs in your blogs and articles. As social media sites are continuously being updated and growing, you can easily add affiliate links in your content and post it on social media sites so that interested people can easily visit your affiliate site.